Noel Fitzpatrick, the Supervet, on hearing his pet dog’s “bones snap”


Noel Fitzpatrick, the Supervet, on hearing his pet dog’s “bones snap”

Noel Fitzpatrick, star of Supervet, has spoken out about hearing his Border terrier Keira’s “bones snap” after being hit by a van.

Noel Fitzpatrick’s two cherished pets, Maine Coon cat Ricochet and Border terrier Keira, are well-known to fans of The Supervet. Noel, on the other hand, was crushed last year when his 13-year-old dog was hit by a van outside his practice. The Channel 4 vet discussed the tragic incident and his effort to save his dog in a recent interview.

When Keira was hit by a speeding van, Noel had to perform one of the most crucial surgeries of his life.

“I heard the cracking and ripping of bones breaking and flesh tearing as she screamed,” he added, recalling the terrifying moment. I let out a shriek.

“I believed the tyre had slammed into her back end and killed her.”

The Supervet is acclaimed for solving even the most perplexing veterinary issues.

He was initially concerned that Keira was too badly hurt to be saved.

Noel fought to save his beloved pet in the 16th season of The Supervet, which aired earlier this year.

Keira had her intestinal lining and urinary bladder burst, as well as her sacrum and pelvis crushed and her hip dislocated.

The veterinarian described how tough it was to undertake such high-risk surgery on his pet.

“You don’t compartmentalise [when operating]to be the client, to be the parent of the animal is a new experience for me,” he told News Letter.

“I’m on the opposite side of the coin, desperately concerned about the animal you like and consider a member of your family.”

In October of 2020, a van struck the 13-year-old terrier.

Noel announced the news on social media before later providing an update on her condition.

“Three weeks ago, my little girl, Keira, was hit by a van,” he wrote.

“She was in a severe condition, and the thought of losing her was paralyzing.

“Her prognosis is still unknown. I’m hoping for the best and keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll be fine.”

“When the time is right, I’ll bring you an update. “I appreciate your concern,” Noel responded.

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“She’s slower and more careful now, as you would expect.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he wrote afterwards.


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