No, you’re not seeing things – Bob Odenkirk does indeed “appear” in “Halloween Kills.”


No, you’re not seeing things – Bob Odenkirk does indeed “appear” in “Halloween Kills.”

Michael Myers’ upcoming murdering spree is depicted in graphic detail in the latest edition of the Halloween franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis continues to play Laurie Strode, while James Jude Courtney reprises his role as the merciless murderer. What about the other members of the ensemble? Is it true that Bob Odenkirk will appear in Halloween Kills, as rumored? Bob has written for blockbuster shows such as Tenacious D and Mr. Show, produced films such as Girlfriend’s Day, and appeared in films such as Better Call Saul. Despite the fact that he has been busy for decades, he has never worked on a slasher or horror film. However, an image of him appears in Halloween Kills. So, how did this opportunity present itself? On Halloween Kills, why is Bob credited? In Halloween Kills, Bob does not appear physically. A photograph of him as a young man was included in one of the scenes, primarily because David Gordon Green, the creator of Halloween Kills, thought Bob resembled one of Michael’s previous victims, a man named Bob.

The young man rushes downstairs to get something from the fridge in a classic scene from the original 1978 Halloween, only to run into the vicious serial murderer. He is stabbed to death after being pinned against the wall. As David told CinemaBlend, finding film of the original Bob was a headache, so they eventually settled for a compromise.

“I wanted to include an acknowledgement of all the deaths from the prior picture in the original [John] Carpenter film, the Bob character, but we couldn’t locate [the actor]down or secure the rights,” David stated. “We couldn’t seem to get a clear photograph of Bob for our television newscast.” “I was frustrated because I wanted to honor Bob’s passing, but we couldn’t acquire footage of Bob,” he continued. “So I googled ‘Bob 1970s high school,’ and up came a photo of Bob Odenkirk who looked exactly like Bob! ‘He’s probably easier to find, so let’s go get him!’ I reasoned.” Laurie is brought to The Haddonfield Memorial Hospital in Halloween Kills.

Laurie has to hand off a key at her realtor father’s request in the 1978 film, and the Myers family house makes another appearance. Silver Shamrock masks, for example… Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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