No Titles Are Expected to Change Hands at WWE Crown Jewel 2021, According to the Oddsmakers.


No Titles Are Expected to Change Hands at WWE Crown Jewel 2021, According to the Oddsmakers.

On Oct. 21, WWE will return to Saudi Arabia for the first time in nearly a year for the Crown Jewel event. Since their debut in 2018, the Saudi Arabia events have gained a reputation among fans as house shows with large budgets, frequently featuring a large number of prominent stars in front of a large crowd but with no real storyline resolution or titles changing hands. Last week, Andrew Zarian reported that WWE is working to change that notion, but the oddsmakers aren’t convinced.

On Thursday, BetOnline announced the most recent betting lines for the performance. None of the champions are likely to lose their gold, as seen below: Many of these wagering lines appear to be reasonable at first sight. Reigns doesn’t appear to be giving up the Universal Championship anytime soon, E just won the WWE Championship, and Drew is heading to SmackDown, RK- Bro has much of tag team experience, Edge and Goldberg are both out for vengeance against their younger opponents, and Mansoor is unbeaten in his homeland.

However, because Lynch was recently drafted to Raw a few weeks ago, having her retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship outright raises some issues. There’s also the matter of Charlotte Flair, who is currently holding the Raw championship on SmackDown, and while she appears to be connected in the Lynch/Belair/Banks narrative, she has yet to be included to the match in any form. After Crown Jewel, WWE could always have her and Lynch trade belts, though that notion was ridiculed by fans when they did the same thing with The New Day and Street Profits last year.

Do you believe there will be any titles handed out during Crown Jewel? What will be the night’s main event? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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