‘No one is interested in a failing politician.’ Nigel Farage is in a savage brawl with a Joe Biden supporter.


‘No one is interested in a failing politician.’ Nigel Farage is in a savage brawl with a Joe Biden supporter.

NIGEL Farage was taken aback when he heard Democrat operative Bob Mulholland state that Joe Biden is “going to seek for a second term,” despite the fact that he believes the president is unfit for the job.

Former Brexit leader Nigel Farage has argued vehemently with Democratic operative Bob Mullholland about whether Joe Biden is suitable for office, with the latter declaring that the president will “run for a second term!” Mr Mullholland retorted to Mr Farage’s criticism of the US President, claiming that “no American cares about a failing politician’s perspective on US politics.”

“Are you saying me that you truly feel that Joe Biden, in terms of his mind and his competence, is the appropriate man at this moment to be the leader of the free world?” Nigel Farage asked the Democrat on GB News.

“No American cares about a failing politician from one of the English Channel’s major parties.”

“You know what, no, actually, I’ll tell you what we did,” Mr Farage retorted.

“I’m fairly pleased with the fact that we were able to use a revolt in this country to overturn the establishment’s opinion and achieve Brexit.

“However, you want to speak about Donald Trump and me, and that’s OK. I’d like to speak with you about Joe Biden.”

“If you truly believe that he is fit for office, I accept that,” he continued. That is something I understand.

“However, you are from the wonderful state of California.

Can I just ask you a question? During this recall election, you know, your Governor Gavin Newsom is under a lot of pressure.

“Is he going to win that election on the 14th of September?”

“All right, fine,” said Mr Farage.

“And, last, will Joe Biden be able to see this administration through?”

“Absolutely!” said the Democrat.

And he’s going to run for re-election.”

Nigel Farage concluded the conversation by remarking, “I’d love to take a bet with you on that, but maybe not.”

Despite the Taliban recovering major sections of Afghanistan, President Biden has faced a growing criticism for his decision to withdraw all US forces from the nation.

The outrage grew after the militants retook Kabul on August 15, prompting tens of thousands of Afghans to flock to Kabul Airport in an attempt to flee.

ISIS-K, an Islamist terror cell, carried out a suicide bombing at the airport after days of evacuation, killing at least 170 civilians and 13 US soldiers.


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