‘No, it isn’t!’ says the narrator. On The Wheel, Michael McIntyre insulted David Dickinson amid misunderstanding.


‘No, it isn’t!’ says the narrator. On The Wheel, Michael McIntyre insulted David Dickinson amid misunderstanding.

DAVID DICKINSON appeared on Saturday night’s episode of The Wheel, but host Michael McIntyre mocked him because he found the game show incomprehensible.

On Saturday night, Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel returned with a new episode, with a group of celebrities attempting to help members of the public win large sums of money. Sue Perkins, David Dickinson, Steph McGovern, Daz Games, Robert Peston, Johannes Radebe, and Dion Dublin were among the celebrity guests who featured in the program. Antique expert David, on the other hand, found the BBC game show perplexing, and host Michael couldn’t help but mock the Dickinson’s Real Deal star.

Michael, the host, welcomed his seven celebrity guests to the show, but he seemed to enjoy David’s perplexity.

He began the broadcast by making fun of the antique expert’s age, implying that he could struggle with the show’s technology.

“Welcome, gorgeous experts,” Michael said. David, how are you finding the spinning? Is everything okay?”

David said, “It’s like the waltzers when you were 16 and trying to crack it with the females.” The presenter fell out laughing.

“And you’ve only just met Dan backstage,” Michael added as he ushered the gaming expert forward.

“You believed he was here to mend your iPad because you’re not familiar with gaming,” the comic quipped.

“Perhaps!” David answered. He’d very likely do an excellent job.”

Michael said, “You probably have no idea what that thing in front of you is.”

“Does it have a keypad?” Michael replied, “Yes, it’s a keypad,” to David’s question.

The vintage specialist said, “I’m just getting into it very slowly.”

Later in the show, though, David became perplexed while attempting to assist contestant Ellie with a political question.

“Which of these was not something Ed Miliband made front-page news for during his time as Labour Leader?” Michael asked.

Put his policies on a gravestone, trash a voter while mic’d up, have two kitchens, and have a bacon sandwich were the possibilities.

David admitted that he wasn’t sure what the correct answer was, but guessed “eating a bacon sandwich.”

Ellie took David’s counsel and used it as her final solution, however it was quickly discovered to be erroneous.

As the studio lights turned red and the wrong response noise sounded, a perplexed David questioned, “Is it?”

Michael laughed at David’s perplexity and responded, “No, it isn’t.”

“Sorry,” he added. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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