No confidence in a genuinely liberal church


Their editorial refers to the Vatican’s opposition to abortion (The Guardian view on modern Christians: Is this their moment?, Jan. 1).

But it goes far deeper than that, because it’s almost of a pro-natalist program.

Hell-bent on trying to push women to have more kids is a hierarchy of men who do not have children and have no knowledge of what it takes to bear and raise a baby.

So, the Vatican is trying to compel governments and foreign bodies, irrespective of the religious affiliation of citizens, to create barriers to reproductive health and freedom of choice.

It is an almost fanatical resistance policy, which is necessary if we are to save our natural environment and limit the harm to the atmosphere. A theme at the Cop26 conference in Glasgow will be the importance of stabilizing human populations. We can see the Holy See delegation, along with other ultra-conservatives, use every bureaucratic trick in the book to obstruct this debate if policy does not change. We need to shine a spotlight on Vatican politics, and we need it now. Barbara RogersAuthor, A Matter of Life and Death-I do not agree with your editorial.

Men who continue to preach a male God, a father figure, are all the Christian leaders listed. How does that make it progressive for them? The encyclical entitled Fratelli Tutti (Brothers All) by Pope Francis is evidence that the churches are not listening to women, and it is clearly not accurate to call them liberal. Pam WebbHaslington, Cheshire- There seems to be some misunderstanding in your editorial between progressive and liberal Christians.

I’m a Christian democrat who wouldn’t embrace the idea of ending the life of a human from conception to the end of their life. I also will not trample on LGBTQ+ rights.

Can someone explain to me how this makes me a radical religious right-wing. Elizabeth StaceyCumbernauld, North Lanarkshire


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