Nine out of 10 parents believe their children lack domestic skills, such as ironing and vacuuming.


Nine out of 10 parents believe their children lack domestic skills, such as ironing and vacuuming.

According to new research, nine out of ten parents believe their kids lack domestic skills, with bed-making, ironing, and cleaning among the activities they struggle with. According to a survey of 1,000 parents with children aged 13 to 19, 29% of children can’t make a bed, 41% can’t iron a shirt, and 38% can’t clean a toilet.

Nearly a third (31%) can’t properly fold sheets or clothes, a fifth (18%) leaves filthy dishes in their bedroom, and a quarter (23%) can’t figure out how to use a vacuum cleaner.

In many situations, kids continue to live up to their unkempt reputations, with many parents taking the perspective of “if I want things done right, I might as well do it myself.”

Premier Inn Managing Director Simon Ewins

A quarter of people (26%) never clean the bathroom, and 19% never take out the trash.

Premier Inn conducted the study as part of its Life Skills Academy, which aims to educate teenagers, many of whom will be leaving home for the first time this autumn to attend university, learn housework and life skills such as bed-making.

Bradley and Lewis Fox, 19, are university students who were offered a crash training in housekeeping by Premier Inn after revealing to their mother that their domestic skills were lacking.

“Both the twins are widely known for being quite dirty and pretty worthless when it comes to cleaning, ironing, and making a bed correctly,” said Kim, 55, of Rochester, Kent.

“When I picked Bradley up at the end of the year, I noticed that after being at university for several months, he hadn’t changed his bedding once.”

“This class was a great approach to get them started on developing some valuable life skills that will benefit them not only in university but in the future.”

“It just took the housekeeping a few hours to get them to listen to me after 19 years.”

The survey also indicated that it isn’t simply children that lack domestic skills.

Over two-thirds (67%) of parents asked by OnePoll stated that they still lack certain basic household skills.

Seven out of ten (71%) said they’re shocked they got through high school considering how little they know. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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