According to the dancer, Nikita from Strictly Come Dancing will “stop Tilly Ramsay from going any further.”


According to the dancer, Nikita from Strictly Come Dancing will “stop Tilly Ramsay from going any further.”

Strictly Come Dancing’s Nikita claims she will “stop Tilly Ramsay from going any further.”

Nikita Kuzmin, Till Ramsay’s professional partner, is “holding her back,” according to fellow dancer Gary Edwards, and will not make the Strictly Come Dancing final.

Tilly Ramsay and Nikita Kuzmin finished in the bottom two on Strictly Come Dancing last week, and dancer Gary Edwards believes he knows why.

Gary believes Tilly’s partnering with Nikita is holding her back and that the two will not make it to the dance competition’s finals.

Tilly admitted that “being in the dance-off” was “not easy” after finishing in the bottom two with Sara Davies.

Gary told, “I really focused on Tilly and I watched it three times, Tilly actually gets a rough ride.”

“I don’t think that’s the right partner for her; in fact, I think it’s working against her.”

He said Tilly had “super energy” and was “super fun” during her routines, despite finishing in the bottom two.

“I don’t think it was done on purpose,” Gary continued, “but imagine her dancing with Giovanni [Pernice] or Aljaz [korjanec].”

“And I just don’t think Nikita and Rose [Ayling-Ellis] are a good match.”

Gary believes Tilly has yet to reach her full potential, despite his belief that Nikita is holding her back. He describes her as “very impressive and very underestimated” by many.

“She is just a great dancer,” the Dancing With The Stars host continued, “and if it weren’t for her ankles being a little weak, which is very common for beginners, she would be a force to be reckoned with for sure.”

“I don’t believe Nikita is a good partner match for me, and I believe that’s why she won’t go any further.”

Meanwhile, Tilly recently revealed that she is not permitted to visit her father’s restaurants, Gordon Ramsay’s.

Aside from Strictly, the CBBC host can also be seen on Celebrity MasterChef Australia, where she announced the news on Sunday’s episode.

Tilly admitted in the episode that she had no idea what Michelin-starred restaurants served.

Dilruk Jayasinha, the comedian, asked his co-stars about the fine-dining establishment during the show.

He explained, “Neither Tilly nor I have ever been here.”

The narrator wonders aloud, “What kind of food do they eat?”

Nick Riewoldt, his co-star, responded, “It’s fine dining, but it’s a fun experience.”

Tilly explained, “three hats.”

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