Nigel Farage causes a stir by slamming Pen Farthing over the Afghan rescue mission ‘Disgusted.’


Nigel Farage causes a stir by slamming Pen Farthing over the Afghan rescue mission ‘Disgusted.’

On Sunday, GB news viewers were outraged when NIGEL FARAGE questioned what “was behind” Pen Farthing’s rescue from Afghanistan.

The former Royal Marine alleged earlier this week on Good Morning Britain that the Ministry of Defence had left him isolated and “cut off” in Kabul. Mr Farthing, the owner of an animal shelter in Afghanistan, initiated a campaign to get his employees and animals out of the country. Following public outcry, the MOD confirmed on Friday that the ex-marine and his animals had arrived at Kabul airport and that clearance for their charter flight had been funded by the UK government. Nigel Farage discussed Mr Farthing’s evacuation with former DUP leader Arlene Foster on Sunday’s GB News. The episode, however, sparked outrage among viewers, with several criticizing Farage for “not getting his facts straight.”

Farage said, “As a nation, you know, we are quite keen on animals.” “When it comes to animals, we are quite sentimental.

“However, I’m curious as to who this Pen Farthing is. He looks to have had one of the most extensive public relations and media strategies.

“He definitely has a lot of prominent friends in high-ranking positions.”

Farage turned to Foster and remarked, “I don’t know, Arlene.” Maybe we’re being a little harsh.”

“However, it appears that the individual had tremendous media support, prominent friends, and spoke to people in the most extraordinary unpleasant manner,” he continued.

“He achieved what he wanted in a way, but I’m curious as to what was underlying it all.”

“I believe he’s certainly under a lot of pressure, and he feels genuinely about the animals,” Foster responded. He needed to get them out of there.

“There is no justification for speaking to folks who are also under a lot of stress, dealing with a variety of challenges we’ve already heard about this morning.”

“The team that was dealing with people who wanted to express concerns about the Afghanis and getting them out to the UK hasn’t read some of the emails that have come in,” she went on to say.

“I have to wonder if it was because time was being spent on other matters that didn’t need to be addressed?

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask that question.”

Some viewers were disappointed by Farage’s remarks, and many took to social media to express their displeasure. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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