Nicola Sturgeon warns that further lockdowns may be imposed on Scotland, saying, “You have to be practical!”


Nicola Sturgeon warns that further lockdowns may be imposed on Scotland, saying, “You have to be practical!”

As restrictions across the country are removed, NICOLA Sturgeon has stated that she cannot guarantee that no more lockdowns would be implemented in Scotland.

Scotland could face further lockdowns, according to Nicola Sturgeon, who said it would be the “logical” thing to do. The disclosure occurred after BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin asked the First Minister if she could ensure there would be no additional lockdowns now that coronavirus restrictions have been lifted totally.

“I think any politician, anywhere in the world, in the face of a pandemic of an infectious virus who sits here and says, ‘I can get into something,’ is not being logical and actually not being truthful with people,” Nicola Sturgeon said on BBC Breakfast.

“Every fiber of my being hopes that the constraints we are lifting in Scotland today will never have to be reinforced again, and am I optimistic about that? Yes.

“Can I give you a guarantee?” I could tell you that right now to make the interview go more smoothly, but that wouldn’t be the correct thing to do.

“Because keeping this virus under control requires all of us to continue doing all of the sensible things I’ve mentioned, but we also know that this is a virus that has already evolved.

“A new variation continues to be our biggest threat,” she added, “so we have to be cautious and realistic.”

Scotland left its final level of coronavirus restrictions on Monday.

“That’s why you’ll have to keep wearing face masks indoors and continue to provide your test and protect information when you go to hospitality. Enjoy yourself, but have your wits about you.”

If they are symptomless and give a negative PCR test, double-vaccinated people can now avoid self-isolation if they are identified as a close contact.

After schools reopen, all teachers and students will be required to wear masks indoors for up to six weeks, but entire classes will no longer be required to stay at home if someone tests positive.

People will be able to drink while standing up in pubs under the new laws.

Outdoor events with a capacity of more than 5,000 people and indoor events with a capacity of more than 2,000 people will be permitted as long as local authorities and the government provide authorization.

Physical separation is a legal requirement. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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