Nicola Sturgeon avoids Kate Garraway’s Cambo oil probe by saying, “Do you feel comfortable?”


Nicola Sturgeon avoids Kate Garraway’s Cambo oil probe by saying, “Do you feel comfortable?”

NICOLA Sturgeon received a barrage of harsh questions from Kate Garraway of Good Morning Britain, who questioned whether the optics of Scotland hosting the Cop 26 while approving the Cambo oil venture was a good look for the First Minister.

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, came on Good Morning Britain and was quizzed on the Cambo oil field, which the UK government is debating whether or not to develop. In the midst of the climate crisis, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has blasted the proposals, with GMB’s Kate Garraway asking Ms Sturgeon if she thought it was right to promote the development. Ms Sturgeon sidestepped the question by saying that Scotland needs to make a smooth transition from oil to renewables, but Ms Garraway insisted that the First Minister give her thoughts on the contentious issue.

Ms Sturgeon was asked about the Cambo oil field, which will be developed just off the coast of Shetland, on the ITV show.

With an exploration license issued in 2001, the field has around 800 million barrels of oil in its reserves.

However, extraction has not been permitted, and the UK government is considering whether or not it should.

Drilling and extraction could begin as early as 2022, with a 25-year timeline.

Ms. Garraway inquired if Ms. Sturgeon was “comfortable” with the development in light of the approaching Cop 26 summit, the Greek wildfires, and the global climate change outlook.

“We will see the IPCC later today, which I believe will be a dismal wake-up call for all of us,” she replied.

“You asked if I was at ease; I’m not at ease that any of us in positions of leadership are doing enough right now…

“With regard to Cambo, Scotland has a big oil and gas industry that employs thousands of people.

“We must ensure that our transition away from oil and gas is just, and that we do not repeat the mistakes of the coal sector by abandoning persons and communities.”

Ms Garraway, on the other hand, persisted in her questioning of Ms Sturgeon on the oil fields, claiming she had not been strong enough in her opposition to them.

Ms Garraway also mentioned that the SNP has been the subject of reports. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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