Nicki Minaj is refusing to be ‘bullied’ into receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.


Nicki Minaj has become a household name for her various hit songs, and she seems to always be in the news. Her latest moment was the comments she made regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

The controversy over the vaccine continues. Minaj has even weighed in on the discussion, and some fans are not too happy with how she did it.

What were The Barbz to do?

Queen Nicki Minaj skipped The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most recent gala to the dismay of The Barbz, her eclectic and vocal fans.

The 2021 Met Gala has always been an event where vibrant celebs like Nicki, fashion elites, and others who could afford the $30,000 tickets gathered to celebrate themselves. Instead, The Barbz and others looking for fancy, boundary-pushing looks had to content themselves with Lil Nas X’s lavish displays and AOC’s controversial ‘eat the rich’ dress. Why did she skip attending?

With American casualties from the Coronavirus skyrocketing, many American celebrities considered the optics of attending, and many took to Twitter to air their concerns. Not surprisingly, Minaj also voiced her concerns on the popular social media application and kept her fans guessing.

Nicki Tweeted, “if I get vaccinated it won’t for the Met. It’ll be once I feel I’ve done enough research.” This confirmed that she would not be attending the ceremony because of presumed vaccination requirements. Nicki suggested that her choice to be vaccinated would depend on her research and not the elites in the industry. She closed her comment with advice to her followers that advised them to wear masks and did not mention vaccines.

Her choice not to go to the Met Gala was based upon her personal beliefs and what she described as pending research. She did not force her fans to follow the media and CDC’s guidelines about vaccination.

This led many to surmise that Nicki was not making an anti-corporate statement or enraged at the premise of the Met Gala and that she chose to direct her fans by example.

As the week progressed, Mz. Minaj became increasingly at the center of a storm about vaccination mandates and other sensitive political topics.

The Trinidad Tweet heard round the world

While Nicki appeared to side-step the drama surrounding the Met Gala, which could not have been at a worse time since the 2008 Recession, she was soon under fire again about vaccines.

This time, Nicki made… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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