Nick Brewer, the star of Clickbait, defends the lethal twist “Don’t always sport a curling moustache.”


Nick Brewer, the star of Clickbait, defends the lethal twist “Don’t always sport a curling moustache.”

Adrian Grenier, star of CLICKBAIT, has spoken out about the startling finale that sent Netflix viewers into a frenzy when the unpredictable new miniseries came to a close.

Spoiler alert: Netflix’s brand new crime series included a slew of shocking revelations, not the least of which was the protagonist Nick Brewer’s untimely demise (played by Adrian Grenier). Despite various popular speculations circulating on Twitter, the majority of the audience was stunned when his killer was revealed in the season finale.

Adrian Grenier has spoken out about his character Nick Brewer’s surprise twists and turns in the brand new Netflix Original Clickbait.

After all eight episodes were released last Wednesday, people had mixed feelings about the new miniseries.

Grenier defended the series’ dramatic turn in the conclusion in a recent interview with TV Line.

“The fact that it felt like literally everyone could have been part is a credit to the show’s superb writing,” he remarked.

When it was apparent that Nick would not live to see the end of the series, several fans paused the miniseries at various moments to speculate about his killer.

Nick’s nightmare begins when the father of two is kidnapped and held hostage.

Nick’s tormentors release a video accusing him of assaulting women, threatening to kill him if the video achieves 5 million views.

Pia (Zoe Kazan) and her wife, Sophie (Betty Gabriel), work together to try to prove his innocence after the video becomes viral.

The series’ major twist, on the other hand, wasn’t disclosed until the final minutes of Clickbait.

Nick’s lonely coworker Dawn (Becca Lish) had been using his likeness to catfish women online, but it was her husband Ed (Wally Dunn) who killed him when he confronted Dawn about her poisonous behavior.

The surprise disclosure at the last minute caught spectators off guard and even sparked outrage on social media.

After the dust had settled, Adrian Grenier defended the twist ending, claiming that it serves as a striking warning of the twisted potential of internet anonymity.


“The villains don’t necessarily have a curled mustache and a top hat,” he told TV Line.

“Sometimes the bad guys are your next-door neighbors, the ones who appear to be the most innocent.”

Despite the conflicting reactions, Clickbait has already become a member of the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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