Nicholas, Rachel Shenton’s co-star in All Creatures Great and Small, was ‘worried’ about the act.


Nicholas, Rachel Shenton’s co-star in All Creatures Great and Small, was ‘worried’ about the act.

While filming a hazardous stunt for an episode of All Creatures Great and Small, RACHEL SHENTON left her All Creatures Great and Small co-star “worried.”

Rachel Shenton of All Creatures Great and Small left her co-star “worried” before executing a stunt on the Channel 5 show. Nicholas Ralph, who plays Scottish vet James Herriot, let up about the dangerous scenario he and Rachel had to shoot for a recent episode, which left them worried about their weight being supported on set.

I was unsure if it would be able to hold us.

Nicholas RalphFans of the Channel 5 show have been waiting for the couple to kiss, and while Nicolas didn’t reveal anything, he did mention filming a sequence that hinted at the possibility.

Nicholas described the hazardous stunt as “ideal” for the production after reading the scene involving him and Rachel, who plays farmer Helen Alderson.

“I remember reading the scene and thinking, ‘This is perfect,'” he remarked.

Nicholas and Rachel sat on the top of a barn, which the actor expressed concern about not being able to support their weight.

According to The Mirror, he explained: “When I first saw the slate roof on the barn, I was concerned that it would not be able to support us, but it turned out to be alright once we were up there.

“We had to be tethered to the very top.

“But the top was level and wide, so it was OK once we got up there,” he explained.

Nicholas, when asked about replaying the sequence, said: “After viewing it, all I could think was, ‘This is wonderful.’

Rachel revealed the new members to the Alderson family last month, in advance of the second series.

The actress said that the Alderson family has added to their animal collection.

“In the Alderson House, we have a new pet named Scruff, real name Bobby,” she revealed. She’s a nine-month-old working Cocker Spaniel who was extremely active as a puppy when she came to live with us.” She did concede, though, that the dog does not always follow the script or directions.

“We were having a picture session on set, and Bobby was in the back of a cart, and every time the camera went off, she leaped right off the cart and out,” she explained “..


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