Newcastle fans are sure that despite the takeover, the club will still be relegated.


Newcastle fans were on cloud nine after their takeover but there is still concern about their very poor start to the Premier League season, and some rival supporters believe they will take a step back before moving forwards

There is still a belief among rival Premier League fans that Newcastle will get relegated despite their recent takeover making them the richest club in the world.

It seemed all the Magpies’ fears were erased when the club changed hands from the vastly unpopular Mike Ashley to their new multi-billionaire owners.

However, what impact their wealth can have on the current campaign has come into question after a mini reality check in the 3-2 defeat to Tottenham.

With eight games played they sit second bottom in the table having picked up just three points from a trio of draws and conceding the most goals of anyone (19).

A Reddit post on the official Premier League page has made the worrying prediction and it has nearly 350 upvotes at the time of writing.

It reads: “Despite the Newcastle takeover, I still think they will get relegated. When Man City and Chelsea got the takeover they were significantly better with a core structure.

“Newcastle is a long-term project and the January transfer window is not enough to save them.”

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A common theme of the following discussion was blame being placed on Steve Bruce, with one redditor saying: “No, simply a decent manager can save them.”

A Magpies fans agreed with this take, writing: “I genuinely believe bringing in another manager would be enough to save us.”

“Get Bruce out and we’d be grand. Longer he stays the bigger chance we have of going down,” another member of the Toon Army added.

One Prem supporter saw the funny side of the hot take: “Hopefully we get to see Mbappe light up the Championship.”

Bruce looked set for the chop last week but was kept in place for what was his 1,000th game as a manager.

Even if their immediate future is gloomy, their long term prospects are almost certainly bright.

A football finance expert recently predicted a title-winning season is feasible within the next 10 years. They may just have to bounce back from relegation first, though.


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