New York’s Fairy Tale: BBC Radio 1 is playing The Pogue’s edited version of the Christmas classic


Speech warning, voice warning

To stop upsetting viewers, BBC Radio 1 will play an edited version of Christmas’s favorite New York Fairytale.

The somber Christmas hit by The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl is a Christmas classic, but because of its lyrics it has sparked controversy in recent years.

The album includes the terms “faggot” and “slut.”

Radio 1 will play an alternate version of the song this year, with various lyrics performed by MacColl being provided by the record label.

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It is known that Radio 1 bosses were willing to insult younger listeners with gender and sexuality terms that were derogatory.

Radio 2 is going to play the original single, but has said it will continue to track the views of listeners. 6 Music said an edited version has been given and will allow presenters to choose.

“We know the song is considered a Christmas classic and we will continue to play it this year, with our radio stations choosing the version of the song that is most relevant to their audience.” the BBC said in a statement.

In the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special last year, the BBC justified the use of the unedited 1987 version of the album.

It was sung throughout the show by the characters Nessa Jenkins and Uncle Bryn.

The use of the song has also been defended by Gavin & Stacey co-creator Ruth Jones, who plays Nessa.

“It’s a different climate,” she told The Sun. But we have to remain true to the characters, to who they were. I think the characters in Gavin & Stacey are kind and compassionate.

So I guess nobody’s going to be deliberately hurtful. But they’re not always going to be entirely politically correct or mindful of political correctness by the same way.


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