New Xbox Series X codes are being sent out by BT: A line has formed to purchase a Microsoft console.


New Xbox Series X codes are being sent out by BT: A line has formed to purchase a Microsoft console.

BT has handed out more codes to consumers who want to buy an Xbox Series X through the retailer’s website, and a waiting list has formed for Microsoft’s powerful next-gen console.

BT is taking orders for the Xbox Series X once more today, with a new set of codes being handed out to those who have expressed an interest. For BT customers with a valid code to purchase an Xbox Series X, a line has formed, and you may join it by going here. When you visit this page on the BT website, you’ll see a notification saying, “You are now in the Xbox Series X queue.”

“Our site is much busier than normal due to the tremendous demand for the Xbox, so we’ve placed you in a temporary line.” You’ll soon be able to access the product page if you’ve arrived here via your email and have a valid code. Check your email if you haven’t received a code yet. You’ll have 10 minutes to enter the website when it’s your turn. Please do not contact our call centers, since they do not have access to Xbox inventory and are unable to respond to any Xbox-related questions.” In 2021, GAME has been one of the top places to buy a next-gen console. During previous GAME restocks, Xbox Series X solo consoles and bundles were available for purchase. If you want to spread out the cost of your Xbox Series X purchase, Xbox Series X All Access is a good option. With this option, you can pay for your new Xbox in monthly installments. You also get everything you need to get started gaming on your Series X, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate access.

GAME and Argos, like with the PS5, have been the two heavyweights when it comes to Xbox Series X restocks this year. The availability of the Xbox Series X will vary depending on your location, so keep checking the Argos website to see if Microsoft’s powerful next-gen console is available for pickup at your local Argos shop.

This year, Amazon is now taking orders for the Xbox Series X. Unlike the PS5, you won’t need Amazon Prime to play it. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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