New snow forecast maps show that millions of Britons are at risk in a -2C Arctic fall.


New snow forecast maps show that millions of Britons are at risk in a -2C Arctic fall.

As we prepare to be pummeled by an Arctic storm this weekend, expect widespread snow and strong winds across the UK, keeping the mercury firmly in the negative numbers.

As we approach a -2C Arctic dip this weekend, the newest weather model maps reveal that millions of Britons are at risk of a massive snowfall.

For weeks, forecasts have teased widespread snow for the end of November, but now that we’ve arrived, the full scale of the blanketing is obvious.

With snow comes very low temperatures, so we’ll “definitely need to pull out our winter coats and scarves” this weekend, according to Tom Morgan of the Met Office.

“On Friday night, temperatures across England and Wales will range from – 2 to 0,” he said.

“It will be brutally cold on Saturday.” The wind will make it feel like it’s below freezing, with temperatures ranging from – 1 to minus 3 degrees Celsius.” As a front of snow slaloms its way south from Scotland, WXCharts weather maps now predict that conditions will deteriorate dramatically from Friday onward.

They predict that the Highlands and places around Inverness will receive two to six inches of snow on Friday, with a few millimetres falling in portions of northern England.

The great majority of England and Wales will witness winter flurries as Friday transforms into Saturday, and millions of Britons could wake up to snow on the ground by Sunday.

The North East of England will receive the greatest snow, with two to three inches forecast by Sunday.

Manchester, the Midlands, Wales, and possibly central-southern England may experience a few millimeters of rain, which might last into Monday and Tuesday.

Birmingham has a 70% chance of experiencing snow by the weekend, according to the forecast.

Is there a chance of snow where you live? Please let us know in the comments section below! Northern Ireland, too, isn’t out of the woods, with some weaker flurries anticipated for the end of the weekend and the beginning of next week.

Severe gale warnings have also been issued for Scotland on Friday and the rest of the country on Saturday, implying that we are in for a truly Arctic storm.

This weekend, Scotland is set to have wind gusts of up to 80 mph.

The dismal conditions, however, are expected to prevent the white flakes from settling on the ground.

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