New Netflix series: Devrim Lingnau to play Empress Sisi


The first film in the “Sisi” series starring Romy Schneider premiered 65 years ago. Now, up-and-coming actress Devrim Lingnau will play the Austrian empress for Netflix.

Netflix is filming the life of Austrian Empress Sisi with young actress Devrim Lingnau in the lead role. The streaming service told Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

The six-part series about Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary – also known as Sisi or, incorrectly, Sissi – has the working title “The Empress.” Filming by production company Sommerhaus is scheduled to begin in spring 2021. The six-part series is reportedly scheduled to start in spring 2022.

Viewers know Devrim Lingnau, born in 1998, among other things from the cinema drama “Auerhaus” (2019) and guest appearances in crime series such as “Unter Verdacht” or “Der Kriminalist.” The second lead role as Emperor Franz Joseph I will be played by Philip Froissant, 26, who can already be seen soon in the Netflix thriller “Black Island.”

Showrunner, i.e. lead writer and planner, is Katharina Eyssen (“Time of Secrets”). Katrin Gebbe (“Pelikanblut”) and Florian Cossen (“Mitten in Deutschland: NSU”) are directing. They focus on the first months after Sisi’s arrival at the Viennese court.

“It is the great love story between Elisabeth and Franz that is at the center of the narrative,” Netflix shared. “Elisabeth is told as a young woman ahead of her time, rebelling against the rigid rules of the 19th century and the court.”

The life of Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (1837 to 1898) has been filmed several times. The best known is the feature film trilogy with Romy Schneider and Karlheinz Böhm, the first part of which premiered on December 21, 1955. Sissi” was then released in German cinemas on December 22.



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