‘Never seen anything like this before’: Asda adds 50 new goods to its ‘excellent’ food selection.


‘Never seen anything like this before’: Asda adds 50 new goods to its ‘excellent’ food selection.

More products have been added to ASDA’s refill selection. This week, the new selections will be available in retailers.

For customers, Asda has worked to improve its sustainable range. Refill stations are coming to more stores, and the product line has been expanded.

Last October, the supermarket behemoth tested refill stations in one of its Leeds stores.

The stations are stocked with vital items that can be dispensed through dispensers.

Shoppers can bring their own reusable containers to carry the food home instead of using excessive packaging.

The study was a success, since more customers want to make ecologically conscious decisions.

In the next months, four more branches will receive the stations.

In August, refill zones will open in the Rugby and Glasgow Toryglen stores, in October in York, and in December in the Milton Keynes branch.

The stations already have a large selection of their own brand merchandise.

Yorkshire Tea, Napolina, Tilda, Mars, and Kellogg’s are among the popular brands available.

The shop is now preparing to launch 50 additional goods this week.

More Napolina, Kellogg’s, and Silver Spoon products, as well as Mars petfood, will be available.

Coca-Cola prefilled one-litre glass bottles will be available at the refill stations.

The bottles can be returned, cleaned, and reused once they’ve been used.

Customers will receive a 20p discount on their next purchase for each bottle returned.

Susan Thomas, Asda’s Director of Commercial Sustainability, stated: “We’ve long believed that partnering with other like-minded firms will be critical if we’re going to encourage customers to shop more sustainably.”

“We are delighted to have secured the support of some of the UK’s most well-known consumer brands, which means we can offer customers even more of their favorite items in refillable format,” said one shopper on social media.

“Asda is doing a fantastic job expanding their refill zones throughout larger stores,” one stated.

Another remarked, “It looks good.” A third added, “Interesting, never seen this before.” A fourth echoed their accolades, writing, “A fantastic idea.”


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