Netflix was ‘SUED’ by the popularity of the South Korean thriller Squid Game, and here’s why.


Netflix was ‘SUED’ by the popularity of the South Korean thriller Squid Game, and here’s why.

SQUID GAME has swept the world by storm, soaring to the top of Netflix’s global charts. However, due to the streaming service’s remarkable popularity, one South Korean internet provider is apparently pursuing legal action against it.

Squid Game, Netflix’s hit survival drama, is presently at the top of the streaming giants’ charts in the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea, and elsewhere. Fans watch as a debt-ridden Seong Gi-hun (played by Jung-jae Lee) and hundreds of other needy members of the public compete in a series of hazardous games in order to earn billions of Korean won over the course of nine episodes. With millions of people watching the program, a South Korean internet provider has reportedly planned to sue Netflix.

According to Reuters, SK Broadband, a South Korean internet provider, is suing Netflix for an increase in traffic as a result of its popularity.

According to the internet provider, Netflix traffic rose 24-fold in the three and a half years leading up to the premiere of Squid Game in September, from May 2018 to September 2021.

SK claims Netflix is the second-largest traffic producer in South Korea, after YouTube, with Amazon, Facebook, and Apple all paying network usage fees.

Netflix is purportedly demanding payment from SK Broadband for network use dating back to 2018 – last year’s network usage estimates came in at an astounding 27.2 billion won (£16.95 million).

“We will evaluate the lawsuit that SK Broadband has filed against us,” a Netflix spokeswoman told CNBC [via Daily Mail]in response to SK Broadband’s claims.

“In the meanwhile, we will continue to seek open conversation and explore methods to collaborate with SK Broadband in order to provide our shared customers with a seamless streaming experience.”

The comments come amid anticipation that Squid Game will go down in history as one of the most popular and successful shows on the streaming service.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos stated a week after the show’s premiere on September 17 that Squid Game was on course to break viewing records.

“Squid Game will undoubtedly be our most popular non-English-language show on the planet,” Sarandos stated at the Code Conference [via Deadline].

“It’s just been out for nine days, but there’s a high chance it’ll be our largest event,” Brinkwire Summary News said.


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