Neil Jones: In the 2021 series of Strictly Come Dancing, the prospect of a celebrity partner is discussed.


Neil Jones: In the 2021 series of Strictly Come Dancing, the prospect of a celebrity partner is discussed.

NEIL JONES has spoken exclusively to This Website on whether or not he will be paired with a celebrity in Strictly Come Dancing 2021.

Neil Jones, 39, has expressed his doubts about having a celebrity partner in this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing. In 2019, the ballroom sensation was teamed with Alex Scott, however she did not have a partner in 2020.

Neil has been a regular on Strictly since 2016, and he has stated that he “doesn’t know” if he will be dancing with a celebrity this year.

Regardless of his role, the BBC dancer claimed he still “loves” working on the show.

“We don’t know yet and it’d be good, you know, any way, they know me, since I love working with the show,” Neil said when asked whether producers had hinted he will have a partner in the contest this year.

“It’s one of those things,” says the narrator. As long as I enjoy working on the show, I will continue to do so.

“So it doesn’t matter whether I have a partner or don’t have a partner,” he added.

Because the show currently features a large selection of professional dancers, Neil noted that matching celebrities with a decent partner is considerably easier.

“After they’ve booked all the celebs, they start looking at all the pros,” he continued.

“Because they have such a wide range of professionals now, they can say, ‘Okay, this pro will work with this star, height-wise, age-wise.’ So I’ll hand it on to them.”

Neil made his Strictly Come Dancing debut in series 14 with Katya Jones, his then-wife.

He was not coupled with a celebrity, although he did engage in group dances and was on standby in case a female celebrity’s partner was unable to dance, which did not occur.

Chloe Hewitt, a female dancer, played the same role.

Neil also performed in the 2016 Strictly Come Dancing special for Children in Need, when he danced with Hollie Webb.

The celebrity revealed that his rise to prominence corresponded with him receiving some unpleasant comments on social media from fans who were attempting to “grab attention.”

“You start seeing that over time that a lot of the individuals who are doing that, it’s purely.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he said of harsh social media remarks.


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