NCIS season 19: Will Tali David, Ziva David’s daughter, return?


NCIS season 19: Will Tali David, Ziva David’s daughter, return?

Since her previous appearance in season 17, NCIS fans have been anticipating for Tali’s comeback. Will she, however, return in the 19th season?

Season 19 of NCIS will begin on CBS on September 20th, with a lot of changes in store for the cast, including the departure of regulars and the addition of new characters.

Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) is expected to return, but will his daughter Tali accompany him?

During Season 11, Ziva (Cote de Pablo) made the decision to return to Israel, breaking Tony’s heart.

For a time, Tony was able to fight through the discomfort and continue assisting the NCIS team.

He thought Ziva and Tali had killed in a vehicle accident, but that all changed when they reappeared during season 17.

They chose to move to Paris as a couple, looking for a fresh start after so many years on the NCIS team.

According to recent rumors, they may be returning, and if they do, Tali will almost certainly accompany them.

Tali’s reappearance is contingent on Tony and Ziva’s continued presence in the series, as the characters have failed to resurface since their Season 17 exit.

Last year, fans hoped to see Tony and Ziva return in Season 18, but their expectations were dashed when producers Frank Cardea and Steve Binder ruled out their return.

Cardea remarked to CarterMatt, “We also have a compressed season this year.” Because of our late start, CBS is reducing the number of episodes ordered.

“We’re doing a third fewer episodes than we would in a non-COVID year,” says the producer.

They were unable to return in Season 18 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, with regulations ruling out any possibility of cameos or crossovers.

However, limits have continued to be lifted since season 18, just in time for the filming of the next series.

This has rekindled hope that Tony, Ziva, and Tali would return to the show, especially following Weatherly’s latest post.

Weatherly captioned a photo of himself on the NCIS set with the hashtag “#ncis Camera is King” in a Twitter post.

While nothing has been confirmed, it appears that if Tony returns to the NCIS squad, he will be accompanied by his daughter.

Fans agree, with several responding on the post with the phrase “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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