NBA 2K22 1.09 patch notes, 2K Season 4 reveal, and PlayStation and Xbox patch notes.


NBA 2K22 1.09 patch notes, 2K Season 4 reveal, and PlayStation and Xbox patch notes.

The NBA 2K22 update 1.09 is now available for download, and despite being a large installation, fans are eager to learn everything it has to offer.

While no official patch notes for the massive download have been released, NBA 2K fans are already aware of some of the game’s most exciting features.

The NBA 2K22 1.09 update, for starters, is preparing the game for the arrival of Season 4, which is expected later this week.

The dates have been rumored to be between January 10 and 14, and fans are anticipating a full announcement soon.

Meanwhile, official patch notes should be released to confirm what has changed in NBA 2K aside from new content.

Bug fixes and gameplay tweaks are expected, and will most likely be noted in the new notes.

Fans who have downloaded the update have expressed concern that they have lost stars, with one user stating:

“I’ve just installed the latest patch.

I’ve been a level 40 twice, and both of my stars have vanished.

“Does anyone have any idea what’s going on, and what this new patch is?”

“I lost mine as well – opened a 2k support ticket and am waiting for a response,” another added.

Early reports suggest that NBA 2K22 Season 4 will be set in China, but the development team has yet to confirm this.

We already know there will be new rewards and an expansion of what is available in Clutch Time thanks to the Season 3 patch notes, with the older patch notes confirming:

“Clutch Time will be updated with new exclusive rewards each Season.

These rewards are split into five 10-win tiers and feature a 50-win ladder to climb.

“For every ten wins, you’ll receive a milestone prize, and for every other win, you’ll get a free wheel spin with a guaranteed prize.”

Keep in mind that three consecutive losses will reset your current tier’s progress, but you will never fall below that tier during a Season.

“Unlimited’s Showdown Tier, which contains Season 4 XP earned in Season 3, is also returning.”

Season 3 will reward you with 15,000 XP if you completed Showdown Tier in Season 2.

“In Unlimited, the featured player reward is Pink, which will help you compete in the Showdown Tier.

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