Naughty Boy’s mother is unable to watch the ‘distressing’ ITV show.


Naughty Boy’s mother is unable to watch the ‘distressing’ ITV show.

Naughty Boy’s mother suffers from dementia and finds watching him on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… ‘distressing.’ Especially after his emotional incident, I need to get out of here. According to family, Naughty Boy’s mother, Zahida, suffers from dementia and finds it difficult to see her son on I’m A Celebrity.

The musician has been having a difficult time in the castle and has expressed his distress to his campmates.

His niece, Aisha, told The Sun that they had avoided displaying footage of Naughty Boy being sad to his mother because they are too distressing for her to watch.

She stated, ” “She’ll be perplexed while watching it, especially if she sees him conducting the trial; she’ll be quite upset. She will cheer ‘there is my son’ and talk to the television most nights, bless her.” “During the day, she is always like ‘where is he?’, ‘is her coming home?’ and we have to keep reassuring her that ‘no, he is on the program and she will see him on TV,” Aisha said. For the past five years, the music producer and artist has been caring for his mother. Inside the castle, his family is concerned about his mental health.

Naughty Boy was furious on Tuesday’s program and revealed his hate for The Clink, the other campmates, and even his desire to escape the camp.

“I don’t know if I could ever join that group,” he admitted, “knowing that the main camp undoubtedly knew what they were putting me through, knowing that I did the task earlier.”

“I’ve given it my all both times today, but I just can’t get into the main camp from here.”

Many fans were irritated by Naughty Boy’s response, while his family and many supporters defended him.

As one admirer put it: “To be honest, I’m not happy with the response to Naughty Boy on this site.

“It looks to me that he has some deep-seated issues with himself and may not be mentally equipped to deal with the show and the failure (hashtag)ImACeleb,” says the author.

The post was shared by Naughty Boy’s relatives, who added: “This is it! If only the rest of the world knew what he’s up against on the outside…

“This is the first time he has left her to embark on a life-altering adventure! He’s simply overwhelmed, and everything will be alright.” The show I’m A Celebrity premieres. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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