Naomi Ackie on how she “broke habits” to play Alicia on Master of None.


Naomi Ackie on how she “broke habits” to play Alicia on Master of None.

Naomi Ackie, star of MASTER OF NONE, has described how the show prompted her to entirely modify her approach to on-camera acting.

In the brand new season of Aziz Ansari’s critically acclaimed drama, Master of None, Naomi Ackie and Lena Waithe take center stage. To offer the most authentic portrayal possible in this remake of the popular Netflix series, the Star Wars actress said she had to address some of her bad habits.

Lena Waithe and British star Naomi Ackie both give career-best performances in the third season of Master of None.

Ackie plays Alicia, the wife of Denise (Waithe), a prominent character in the Netflix comedy-first drama’s two seasons.

Aziz Ansaria’s Dev Shah takes a step back as Alicia and Denise struggle through a sad breakup in a drastic change from the show’s original plan.

Ackie told Deadline, “I got to work with folks I genuinely love while simultaneously doing something I’d never done before.”

“That entire experience stretched me to the point of discomfort at times, but I don’t think that’s a terrible thing.”

The five-episode season, subtitled ‘Moments In Love,’ was described by both protagonists as some of the most difficult work they’d ever done for television.

Indeed, when the show premiered in May, TV critics praised Naomi Ackie’s performance as Alicia as she navigates the difficulties of IVF pregnancy.

Ackie claimed that her involvement in the series required her to address some of her worst flaws as an actress, after impressing fans as the newest addition to the Master of None team.

“The key goal for me was honesty, and authenticity is something you can’t plan,” she told Deadline.

In contrast to the previous two seasons of Master of None, this season’s drama moves at a slower pace and gives viewers a closer look at Alicia and Denise’s complicated relationship.

Content or uncomfortable silences frequently interrupt their chats and disputes, helping to paint a more realistic picture of their marriage.

The show’s unusual approach to dialogue situations, on the other hand, took some getting accustomed to.


“There’s a delight in it, and I, too, can be quite a controlling performer,” Ackie remarked.

“Right now, I’m attempting to break that habit. It was both a joy and a significant lesson for me, and it was really liberating.”

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