Nancy Lee Grahn of ‘General Hospital’ wants Alexis to date a ‘Republican Attorney.’


Nancy Lee Grahn of ‘General Hospital’ wants Alexis to date a ‘Republican Attorney.’

Nancy Lee Grahn has been playing Alexis Davis on General Hospital for the past 25 years.

Alexis has dated a number of men from the show, but she is now unattached. Grahn recently stated that she would like Alexis to date a “Republican attorney” in the future. Nancy Lee Grahn is a lefty who is not afraid to speak her mind. Some performers are hesitant to talk about politics in public, but Grahn is not one of them. She is a devout Democrat who is quite vocal about her beliefs.

Grahn frequently makes and shares postings on social media that reflect her political views.

She is pro-choice, supports LGBT rights, and opposes numerous Republican policies, for example.

This has gotten her in trouble with some of her General Hospital co-stars. Most notably, actor Ingo Rademacher (who plays Jasper “Jax” Jacks) is on the opposite political side of the aisle. Grahn and Rademacher have had some online squabbles, and she has even blocked him at times.

Grahn, on the other hand, is unapologetic about her strong opinions. “Many have asked me if I regret the 120k followers I lost because of my outspoken political tweets,” she tweeted earlier this year.

That’s a resounding no.”

‘General Hospital’: Nancy Lee Grahn wants Alexis to date a ‘Republican attorney.’ What is Nancy Lee Grahn’s marital status and how many children does she have? Despite the fact that Grahn is a fiery Democrat, she sees her character courting a Republican.

Grahn was asked whether she has any desires for Alexis’ storylines in the future during a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest. “I believe a charming, bright, brilliant, conceited, competitive, Republican attorney who she can’t stand and can’t stay away from,” she said.

“A successful formula is usually a bit Adam’s Rib.”

On soap operas, relationships with a mix of love and hate seem to be popular.

As a result, it could be just what Alexis requires following her present incarceration.

‘General Hospital’: How Do the Net Worths of 5 Long-Running Cast Members Compare?’Nancy Lee Grahn shares her favorite and least favorite storylines.

After 25 years on General Hospital, Grahn has worked on a variety of storylines, both positive and negative.

“Brilliantly, the whole Sonny/Alexis trajectory was extremely well done and fulfilling until a regime shift took a hatchet to it,” she told Soap Opera Digest of her favorites. The inebriated Alexis beat was one of my favorites.

And ‘Julexis’ was beneficial to me.”

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