Nancy Carter quits Walford after uncovering massive betrayal in EastEnders?


Nancy Carter quits Walford after uncovering massive betrayal in EastEnders?

Nancy Carter learned the truth about the hit-and-run event that left her with catastrophic injuries in tonight’s episode of EASTENDERS, which means the show may be bidding farewell to a popular character for the second time.

Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) had no idea she was being hit by a car driven by her half-sister Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis), who was also in the car with Nancy’s now-boyfriend Zack Hudson (James Farrar). Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), her father, discovered the truth not long after, but kept it hidden from his daughter. Meanwhile, he’s been attempting to persuade Nancy that Zack isn’t the right man for her, but she appears to be charmed with the EastEnders newcomer. Following a meeting with Mick, who had also planned to expose the truth to Nancy once she returned to The Vic, Zack came clean to Nancy on Thursday’s episode of the BBC serial. Nancy will undoubtedly be enraged, and the last time she was enraged with Frankie, she packed her belongings and prepared to flee the Square until she changed her mind. Will she depart for good this time?

Following her divorce from Tamwar Masood, Nancy only returned to Walford earlier this year (Himesh Patel).

Her family has been overjoyed to have her return, but it appears she won’t be staying for much longer.

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) is likewise unaware of the secret that her husband and Frankie are keeping.

Currently very pregnant Linda is also expected to leave the Square soon in order for actress Kellie, who is pregnant in real life, to give birth to her child.

Is the horrible reality also how Linda’s exit is sealed? She might be able to leave with Nancy to help her.

Nancy revealed to her family on Thursday’s show that she will receive £40,000 as a result of her divorce, which she plans to spend by building a restaurant with Zack.

Mick was furious because he thought Zack was only wanting Nancy’s money.

When Zack told Nancy about their plans, she made Zack feel horrible, saying, “Being ran over and left for dead has made me realize life is too short.”

“Before the accident, I believe I would have spent all of my money on vacation.

“But now I want this – and not just for myself, but for us as well.”

Mick and Linda were taken aback by her appearance. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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