Naga Munchetty, the BBC Breakfast host, was scolded by the producer after making a nasty on-air remark.


Naga Munchetty, the BBC Breakfast host, was scolded by the producer after making a nasty on-air remark.

A show producer gave NAGA MUNCHETTY a witty reprimand after the presenter made a raunchy remark on-air.

Naga Munchetty, 46, of BBC Breakfast, was conducting her show on Radio 5 Live when she made a naughty remark. It comes after the broadcaster talked about how Henry VIII chose Anne of Cleves, his fourth wife, by glancing at a photograph of her.

The radio host and Franny Moyle, author of The King’s Painter, were talking about the Tudors when they got into it.

Franny explained, “It was a long-distance engagement.” “He was furious when [the marriage]was postponed.” “It was at that time he realized he’d made a terrible mistake, because the woman he met… he found actually pretty unappealing,” she said of Henry arriving in disguise to meet his bride. Franny then spoke about “relations,” which she meant to allude to the couple’s sexual relationship.

“Did they, er, have relations?” Naga inquired about Henry’s unavoidable marriage to Anne.

“They tried, but it didn’t work,” says the narrator. “He claimed he got impotent because he found her so repulsive,” the historian explained.

Naga later joked that “touched up” Instagram selfies were not only a relic of the internet era, but also of previous centuries.

“You see, all these cleaned up selfies?” she said to her colleague Nick Hatfield. They aren’t brand new!” But that’s not to say they’re not worthwhile – they can be useful, can’t they, Nick?” “Yeah,” he agreed before adding. Relations? “Are you a relic of the nineteenth century?” “No!” Naga was adamant. “Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky?” says the narrator. ‘I had no sexual interactions with that woman,’ says the narrator. “I was only being courteous!” However, it wasn’t long before the presenter was requested to end their conversation.

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“I have a message from my producer – ‘Steady now,'” she said. He’s just sent me a message.” “You have to be careful,” Nick said.

“Let’s go to the grown-up in the room now, Nick,” Naga joked. “I’ve got some good news for you!” Meanwhile, after a brief hiatus, the host has returned to her normal duties.

Fans turned to social media to try to figure out where Naga was, and they discovered a few retweets from Naga herself, showing her golfing. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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