Naga Munchetty makes fun of ‘hot-headed’ people. Carol Kirkwood is a writer who lives in the United States ‘We need you to relax!’


Naga Munchetty makes fun of ‘hot-headed’ people. Carol Kirkwood is a writer who lives in the United States ‘We need you to relax!’

On Thursday, NAGA MUNCHETTY teased her BBC Breakfast co-star Carol Kirkwood by delivering the weather forecast from a different place than normal.

Carol Kirkwood was not in the BBC studio on Thursday because she was delivering her weather forecast from the roof of the London building. However, BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty couldn’t help but tease her co-star, claiming Carol’s “hot-headedness” was the reason for the transfer.

“We’ve sent Carol up on the roof since she gets so hot-headed in these weather,” Naga remarked, introducing the weather segment.

Carol, we just needed you to calm down,” she added. “Perfect location.”

Carol said, “You’re quite correct, Naga.” “Thank you very much; it’s nice here on the BBC roof this morning.

“The sun is shining, and there is a pleasant breeze, but most of us are expecting another hot and bright day today.”

“By the time you get to the weekend, though, what you’ll discover is that it’s going to change, and we’re looking at some thundery downfalls,” she continued.

Carol mentioned later in the show that her location was getting a lot hotter.

“It’s hot here, Carol’s up on the roof, enjoying a bit of a cooling breeze,” Naga explained.

“However, I assume it’s already heating up; can you feel it?”

Carol responded, “In fact, the temperature in London right now is 19 degrees [celsius].”

“Temperatures are rising to 20 degrees in certain areas, while the rest of the country is experiencing temperatures ranging from 15 to 18 degrees.

“The south west is experiencing the highest temperatures, with Cardiff, Newquay, and the Channel Islands already reaching 21 degrees Celsius.

“Until we get to the weekend, much of the UK is expected to be hot over the next few days.”

Carol has also spoken out about a BBC Breakfast gaffe that nearly brought her to tears.

Carol gave the prediction from Greenwich Park last year, surrounded by dog walkers and joggers.

“Good morning everyone, and Greenwich Park is one of the oldest enclosed royal parks, and take a look at it,” she remarked.

“Fabulous. The sun is shining brightly. We’ve seen a lot of doggers – and a lot of… well, not doggers.”

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“Lots of dog walkers and joggers around here throughout the course of today morning,” she corrected herself.

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