Nadia Sawalha of Loose Women was unable to work behind the scenes due to ‘irrational fear.’


Nadia Sawalha of Loose Women ‘wasn’t functioning’ behind the scenes due to ‘irrational terror.’

During the early stages of the Covid pandemic, NADIA SAWALHA described how she struggled to function due to “irrational terror.”

Nadia Sawalha, host of Loose Women, said she “wasn’t functioning” during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic because she was in a state of “irrational terror.”

As part of AXA UK’s Getting Back to the Good Stuff campaign, the YouTube star, 57, spoke exclusively to This website about how she gets through each day by looking for “sparks of joy.”

I couldn’t function because of my irrational fear.

Nadia Sawalha is a model and actress.

The actress said she had been “preparing” to spend so much time with her husband Mark Adderley and their two daughters, Kiki, 13, and Maddy, 18, since they had been homeschooling their children for six years.

“My husband and I spend a lot of time together, and we also have a very close friendship,” Nadia explained.

“And because we work together, we already spend a lot of time together as a family, so we didn’t experience the kinds of shocks that a lot of people did.”

“And, fortunately, we were still able to work and earn money,” Nadia continued.

The ITV host, on the other hand, expressed concern for her children and parents.

“The most difficult part was being afraid for my elderly parents who live next door,” Nadia admitted candidly.

“But aside from that, I was fine with spending so much time at home because I’m such a homebody.”

“But I think after a while, we took each other for granted,” she admitted.

The TV personality explained that she was able to get through each day by looking for “sparks of joy” in every moment, which she credits with assisting her in her recovery.

“That’s what got me through the pandemic,” Nadia continued, “because at the beginning, I was in such a state of – I was in such irrational terror that I couldn’t function.”

“And then I told myself, ‘OK, stay right here, right now, in this minute, where’s the spark of joy?’

“I asked myself, ‘What are the simple things that can get you through the next hour and the next one,’ and I did,” she revealed.

Having a conversation.

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