Nadia Sawalha gives an update on her recovery as she returns to Loose Women following a “terrible” burn.


Nadia Sawalha gives an update on her recovery as she returns to Loose Women following a “terrible” burn.

In a recent interview, NADIA SAWALHA discusses how her burn is recovering.

Nadia Sawalha, 56, made her first appearance on Loose Women since suffering terrible burns today. Last week, the presenter shared a photo of her injuries with her Instagram followers before providing an update on her rehabilitation.

Last week, Nadia shocked her fans by sharing a photo of some horrible burns she’d received.

When she returned to the show today, the Loose Women host revealed what had transpired.

In an honest statement, she labeled herself “dumb” for the entire incident.

“I got my idiot injury, as I call it,” Nadia explained.

“Never put honey in a bottle in the microwave, since that’s what I did, and it burned my neck badly.

“And that was the end of it… Just a complete moron. For being so dumb, I received exactly what I deserved.”

Thankfully, the actress added that she was now on the mend owing to a skin patch.

“I’ve got this fantastic patch thing,” she added.

“It’s called hydrocolloid or something like that?”

“It just stops the itching, and it’s great for scars, but it’s actually working great.

“I completed it about ten days ago, and it is performing admirably.”

On Saturday morning, Nadia showed off her burns for the first time.

She asked her Instagram followers for aid with therapies in a post.

The presenter of Loose Women then took to YouTube to explain what had transpired.

She had become distracted by something after placing “hard honey” in the microwave.

“I worry and go to put my hand in to collect the honey,” she explained.

“It bursts out of the saucepan and splashes up my neck, spraying [everywhere].”

“At the same time, I’m screaming and ripping my clothing off. I buried my head in the drain.

“In the meantime, the honey pot is still spraying and leaping around!

“The agony was unbearable.”


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