My fiancée dumped me at the altar and then BLOCKED me without warning — I’m still not sure why three months later.


My fiancée dumped me at the altar and then BLOCKED me without warning — I’m still not sure why three months later.


But it’s anything but ideal when you’re waiting for your fiancée at the altar and she doesn’t show up.

This is what happened to one individual, but it doesn’t even come close to the worst of it.

Not only had his ex-fiancée abandoned him, but he had also attempted to contact her and her parents, but they had all blocked him.


Okay, and it gets worse…

The man then exited the rental property he shared with his ex-fiancée, leaving her stuff behind, as is customary.

He was subsequently visited by his ex, who was enraged that he had left her items there and stated she had been sued to recompense for it.

This man took to Reddit to share his story, and it’s safe to say we’re all stunned.

The man wanted to know if he was in the wrong for not transferring his ex-possessions fiancee’s to her, according to a post by ‘Calm You556OP’ on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole’ thread.

“Vanessa no-showed me on the day of the wedding three months ago,” he explained.

“She had made no mention of any problems, so it caught me off guard when she just did not show up at the altar.”

“We were sharing a leased apartment at the time.

“I tried calling her and her parents’ numbers, but I suppose they had all blocked me, so I gave up and left the flat after paying my share of the rent.”

“The apartment owner insisted on taking her items with me as well, but I declined and advised him to contact her directly, giving him her and her family’s phone numbers and addresses.”

“I also asked him not to tell my ex or her family about my new phone number.”

“I then relocated to another city and rented a studio flat.”

“Shortly after that, my former apartment owner contacted to tell that he had attempted to contact her but had been unable to do so, so he had left all of her possessions at the police station.”

BINGO FABULOUS: GET A £5 FREE BONUS WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE A DEPOSIT He went on to say that his ex then came to his parents’ house and informed them that she had been sued for not collecting her belongings and not paying her rent.

“My ex arrived to my parents’ house a week ago and found me there,” he added.

“She was enraged that I had left her items at the apartment rather than calling her.”

“It appears that the apartment owner sued her for failing to pay rent and disappearing.

“She had to pay a colossal sum to make amends… Brinkwire Brief News.”


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