My cousin asked me to a childfree wedding; I insisted on bringing my kid, and now my entire family refuses to speak to me.


My cousin asked me to a childfree wedding; I insisted on bringing my kid, and now my entire family refuses to speak to me.


On Reddit, a mother ranting about how she wanted her kid to be invited to her cousin’s wedding backfired spectacularly.

“I need some insight to see if I’m in the wrong since I honestly don’t feel like I am,” the 32-year-old woman, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote on the social media platform.

“I recently got an invitation to my cousin Alex’s wedding,” says the bride. The invitation stated that the wedding would be childless.

“I’m not new to childless weddings, but the fact that there will be children in the ceremony frustrates me.” Alex and her future husband intend to invite their nieces and nephews to their wedding.

“At a family gathering, I overheard her asking her sister if her niece might be the flower girl. This perplexed me because childfree implies that there are no children, so I called Alex and inquired.” “I told her and told her that if her nieces and nephews are coming, then my 5-year-old daughter, who is the same age as her nieces and nephews, should be able to travel as well,” she added.

“Alex stated that only the bridesmaids and groomsmen are exempt, and that she wants her nieces and nephews to attend the wedding. When I inquired why they were allowed to attend instead of my daughter, she explained that she knows her nieces and nephews are well behaved and that there will be no problems.

“She also knows her sister and brother-in-parents law’s intimately, and she is a teacher who longs for a day off from dealing with other people’s children.” She also stated that she is becoming closer to them.

“I informed her that her argument was absurd because childfree means she has no children, including her cousins and nephews.” Alex advised me that I may decline the invitation at any time, so I did.” “I ended up venting to my mum [who is married to Alex’s father’s brother]and while she didn’t agree with Alex, she stated she could understand her feelings,” the user wrote.

“However, my father was not pleased and called her father, my Uncle Mitch, to inquire as to why my daughter was unable to attend. Mitch informed my father that the wedding is Alex’s and she is free to do as she pleases. He further clarified that ‘cousins’ and ‘nieces and nephews’ are not the same thing, especially considering they’re in the bridal party.

“Because Mitch is paying for it, my father remarked… Brinkwire Brief News.


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