Mushroom’s identity revealed as a Bargain Hunt favorite? Clues you missed


Mushroom’s identity as a Bargain Hunt favorite revealed? Clues you missed in The Masked Singer


Who, on the other hand, is wearing the Mushroom costume?

On New Year’s Day 2022, the third season of The Masked Singer premiered, with twelve new contestants tucked away inside their lavish costumes.

So far on the ITV talent show, Heather Small has been revealed as Chandelier, and Gloria Hunniford of Loose Woman has been revealed as Snow Leopard.

There are now ten celebrities who are disguised and will compete in the competition.

While fans try to figure out who the ITV stars are, this website believes Mushroom is a hidden Bargain Hunt star for the following reasons.

Mushroom was spotted in the woods in the first clue package.

“As a mushroom, I’m quite mellow and carefree,” the hidden celebrity began in the first VT, “but I have been known to sprout in the most serious part of the forest, from time to time.”

“Did you know that mushrooms can help control life in the woods? They can help things decay and bring new life, which is similar to how I like to try new things and live new lives.”

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“In fact, when mushrooms pop their heads above ground, they can take many forms, and as they grow, they might want to be any number of things,” the hidden star continued.

Mushroom got his hands on a gavel in the middle of the VT, and the panel started speculating.

“A gavel, an auctioneer’s hammer!” joked comedian Jonathan Ross.

“Perhaps it’s a judge?” singer Rita Ora speculated.

Natasha Raskin Sharp, the host of Bargain Hunt, is an auctioneer at McTear’s. She has also appeared on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, and For What It’s Worth.

The 35-year-old presenter comes from a Glasgow family of art lovers, including her father, contemporary artist Phillip Raskin.

The TV auctioneer started her career as a lawyer at the University of Leeds, but dropped out after a month. The Mushroom was holding a gavel, which could represent her work as an auctioneer and her interest in the law.

She went to the University of Glasgow to study Art History after taking a break from her studies.

The antiques expert hosts her own show on BBC Radio Scotland, where she selects eclectic music mixes.

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