Mum recreates Monica’s kitchen from Friends for a fraction of the cost by scouring charity shops and Amazon for bargains.


Mum recreates Monica’s kitchen from Friends for a fraction of the cost by scouring charity shops and Amazon for bargains.

Friends may have ended over 17 years ago (can you believe it?! ), but it remains one of our all-time favorite shows.

It’s consistently ranked as one of the most popular series in the United Kingdom, so it’s no surprise that it continues to have an impact on its fans’ lives, from their sense of humour to their fashion choices.

The series even influenced the interior design of one DIY-obsessed mum’s home.

Desiree Elias, a 34-year-old mother of two from Urbana, Ohio, had always wished for a kitchen like Monica’s on the hit television show.

When she bought her own house, she immediately set about transforming the plain kitchen into a vibrant, colorful space similar to Monica and Chandler’s.

Desiree is a childcare worker who gathered accessories for the project from Amazon and thrift stores.

Valspar paint and self-adhesive wallpaper were also used on a budget.

She enlisted the assistance of friends to complete the project, which cost her only £731.

“Monica’s kitchen from Friends has always been my dream kitchen,” Desiree told, “and my husband agreed when we bought our first home that we could make it a reality.”

“Because our house dates from the 1800s, we went a little further with our renovation than we anticipated.

“When we removed the upper cabinets, we discovered a massive hole in the wall behind them, so we went down to the studs and drywalled as well.”

“Before we bought the house, the lower cabinets had some water damage as well.”

“When we began removing them, they began to crack and separate, so we had to purchase new ones.”

“We then decided that while we were at it, we might as well replace the flooring.”

“We went out and bought unfinished lower cabinets as well as luxury vinyl interlocking flooring.

“The next step was to insulate in the dark because we were the only house on the block without power due to a bad storm.

“Due to the storm, we had to lay a new floor by flashlight and prime and paint the walls.”

“After that, we put in new lower cabinets and a plywood countertop as a temporary counter.”

“We then painted all of the lower cabinets rushing stream blue and added knobs and drawer pulls,” says the author.

“After painting the pantry door, we painted the iconic Friends purple door, as well as two other walls.”

“One of the old upper cabinets, as well as a built-in shelf, was painted yellow.

“Then, with some difficulty, we moved the electrical and repair plumbing, feeding the wires through old rock walls in a crawl space that wasn’t well lit.”

“After that, we hooked up the dishwasher and the stove.”

“After that, we installed the self-adhesive textured brick wallpaper and one yellow wall cabinet.”

“We’ll be there shortly…”

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