Mum has gotten engaged to a fan who messaged her on Instagram after losing 5 pounds in 8 months.


Mum has gotten engaged to a fan who messaged her on Instagram after losing 5 pounds in 8 months.

A MUM who lost 5st and went on to become a personal trainer is marrying an online fan.

Angela Crickmore, from Nottingham, divorced her second husband in 2013 after her health problems caused her marriage to fall apart.

The 38-year-old began sharing photos and inspiring words on social media, where her new toned body drew a large following.

After revamping her food and exercise routines, she went from a size 18 to a size 6.

Now, the ex-property manager has told how she found love again among her 156k Instagram followers.

Mark, 51, a car broker, contacted Angela in 2016 to ask if she would guide him on a 10-day trip to Tenerife.

The couple traveled to the Canary Islands, but it was only after five days that they realized how much they liked each other. After their whirlwind affair, Angela couldn’t bear returning to London and consented to go back to Nottingham with Mark.

She moved there a week later, and the couple got engaged in Spain two months after they met.

“Romance with Mark wasn’t on my thoughts at all, and after the first day, we were just getting to know one other,” Angela told the Sun. Then it happened out of nowhere, like a miraculous click.” She weighed nearly 14st at her heaviest, but she claims her then-husband always told her she was “beautiful.”

Unfortunately, she was never satisfied with her size after witnessing a friend lose weight and deciding to make a drastic change.

Unfortunately, she and her ten-year-husband drifted apart and eventually divorced.

Now that she’s back in a relationship, she says she’s been reminded of how difficult it can be to keep in shape.

“I can empathize more now to the women who approach me who are in a relationship, have children, and are struggling to lose weight,” she continued.

“I’ve gone through the pattern of marrying, gaining weight, losing weight, being single, and then getting back into a relationship.” It’s especially difficult if your partner isn’t into fitness. You must be twice as strong and motivated as before, and truly desire to change.” Angela revealed her fitness and nutrition to Brinkwire in September, saying, “When I first started losing weight, I went for a daily stroll in the park.”

“Over time, I gradually introduced jogging and then running. After a year, I joined a gym and started lifting weights.” Her diet has changed to include more nutritious foods. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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