Mrs Hinch’s admirer urges others to clean their mattresses once a month during the heat wave – the “optimal approach”


Mrs Hinch’s admirer urges others to clean their mattresses once a month during the heat wave – the “optimal approach”

MATTRESS cleaning is sometimes overlooked in the home and put aside in favor of more visible cleaning. Mrs Hinch, on the other hand, has revealed her “best method” for cleaning them.

Mattress cleaning is critical, particularly during the summer months, to remove dust and sweat from the bed. While you should launder your bedding more frequently, one Mrs Hinch fan recommends cleaning your mattress “at least once a month.”

Cleaning a mattress on a regular basis can help minimize the risk of allergies and itching caused by dust mites and fungi, in addition to eliminating dust and dander.

One follower of Mrs Hinch Washing Tips asked for help cleaning her mattress on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page.

“Does anyone clean their mattress more often in the summer?” the woman wondered.

“I need to clean mine, but I’m looking for a new approach; there are a lot of stains on it, but that doesn’t bother me.

“Can someone suggest a cleaning process to ensure that it is properly cleaned?”

More than 200 people commented on the page, with cleaning enthusiasts sharing their tips and tactics.

“Make sure you flip the mattress over every year and clean it at least once a month,” one Mrs Hinch fan said.

“I strew bicarbonate of soda across my mattress and leave it to work for a few hours.

“Then vacuum it up and spray the mattress with a great air freshener, which is my preferred method.”

Cleaning with bicarbonate of soda is beneficial because it has natural deodorizing effects.

“Don’t forget to clean your mattress topper, do it on a hot wash to eradicate all the germs,” another fan said.

Mrs. Hinch recently revealed how she cleans her mattress and headboards.

She uses Febreze Fabric Refresher Antibacterial Spray on her headboard, which claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

It also aids in the removal of odors trapped in clothes.

The cleaning feeling also vacuums her entire mattress, which aids with allergy control.

Mrs Hinch also uses bicarbonate of soda, which she vacuums away before putting essential oil drops on her mattress.

“For anyone wondering why I use bicarb and what it does, it’s an odour remover, so any scents that may be lingering in the mattress, it just soaks them up and absorbs them,” she wrote on Instagram.

It works incredibly well.”

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