Mrs Hinch is a fan of the ‘amazing’ approach for removing limescale from showers, saying, ‘I swear by it.’


Mrs Hinch is a fan of the ‘amazing’ approach for removing limescale from showers, saying, ‘I swear by it.’

A SHOWER SHOULD BE CLEANED ON A REGULAR BASIS TO PREVENT THE DEVELOPMENT OF MOLD AND LIMESCALE. Cleaning enthusiasts have offered their tips for removing all blemishes.

Showers are notoriously tough to keep clean, but Mrs Hinch fans have offered their favorite cleaning solutions. To eliminate marks, you can use vinegar and tea.

Mrs Hinch got her start by offering housekeeping suggestions on her own social media platforms.

Her popularity has grown to the point where the expert, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has 4.1 million Instagram followers.

Other homeowners have formed social media groups in the wake of her success to provide their own advice.

One woman sought for help cleaning her shower in a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group.

The homeowner stated that she had tried “everything” to remove limescale from her shower.

Most stores carry a variety of products that can restore a shower to its former glory.

Splurging on these, however, may not be essential.

As others chimed in with their advise, the post quickly grew to almost 100 comments.

Many people suggested using common household objects as cures.

Some people suggested that vinegar may be used to eliminate marks.

“[Leave] Vinegar overnight,” wrote one user on social media.

“Try heating two ounces of white vinegar in a jug in the microwave,” said another. Then add a couple of squeezes of Fairy liquid to a spray bottle and fill halfway with water.

“Spray onto the glass as soon as possible. Allow 30 minutes before respraying and wiping down, giving difficult spots a good scrub.

“After that, rinse.” For a couple of hours, it’s a little pongy and less harsh.” [sic]

A third suggestion was to use a vinegar-based spray. “[Use] Wilko White Vinegar Spray,” they wrote. It’s incredible.”

To get rid of blemishes, some people suggested drinking black tea.

“Try cold black tea,” one said. It may sound strange, but it actually works.

“Once you have it off, use a squeegee after each usage of the shower screen, and you won’t have to clean it at all.”

“Black tea!” exclaimed another. I guarantee it.”

Homeowners can uncover a variety of handy cleaning methods that will save them money.

Looking for new ideas on the internet might be a terrific approach to do so.


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