Mrs Hinch followers submit ‘amazing’ mirror-cleaning techniques that are ‘easy and streak-free.’


Mrs Hinch followers submit ‘amazing’ mirror-cleaning techniques that are ‘easy and streak-free.’

Mrs Hinch’s fans send in “wonderful” mirror-cleaning tips that are “simple and streak-free.”

It may appear tough to get smear-free mirrors, but a team of cleaning experts understands just how to do it.

Mrs Hinch, whose true name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, rose to fame thanks to social media, with 4.1 million followers on Instagram. Many people have benefited from her brilliant cleaning techniques in their efforts to freshen up their homes.

Cleaning aficionados have now formed their own social media groups to share a variety of effective cleaning methods.

One of the group members was curious about how to clean a mirror.

One person responded, “TruWash is fantastic or wipe with a cloth in hot water and buff with a fish scale microfibre cloth.”

A second added, “Koh and a Koh cloth – it’s amazing stuff.”

A third person suggested white vinegar.

A fourth internet user commented, “Elbow Grease glass cleaner is amazing.”

Another person said, “Water, dishwashing liquid, and kitchen roll to shine.”

“I’ve always found this to be the greatest approach as well,” another individual concurred, adding, “I’ve always found this to be the best method as well.”

Another suggestion was to clean the windows with any glass cleaner and a green minky glass cloth.

A member of the group proposed mixing dishwashing liquid with water.

“Warm soapy water and the Karcher hand held vacuum – I do all my glass this way,” one individual said of their glass cleaning approach. “It’s easy, fast, and streak-free.”

Another commented, “Dettol all-in-one spray plus the green minky glass cloth – game changer.”

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One person advised using Methylated spirit on a kitchen roll before washing the mirrors.

Another remarked, “Fast glass by Auto-Glynn – simply excellent.”

Stardrops White Vinegar was suggested by someone.

Wiping the mirror with toothpaste on a cloth was a less prevalent method. “Leave to dry before buffing off,” the person advised.

Using Method glass spray was another option.

Someone suggested using Mr Muscle Glass and Window Cleaner and a microfiber towel to clean the windows.

According to another online user, wipes for cleaning glasses, mirrors, and televisions are available.

“Black tea and kitchen roll is great, and I use it all the time for mirrors, windows, and shower doors – it works beautifully,” one customer explained.


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