Mrs. Hinch followers reveal their favorite baking soda technique for cleaning the kitchen sink, which ‘works like a charm!’


Mrs. Hinch followers reveal their favorite baking soda technique for cleaning the kitchen sink, which ‘works like a charm!’

CLEANING your sink can be challenging, especially if it’s stainless steel and has water and grime residual stains. Mrs Hinch fans have fortunately shared the best ways to clean your kitchen sink, including one that uses a cheap and simple household item.

Mrs. Hinch is an Instagram cleaning influencer with over four million followers. She frequently offers housekeeping tips and methods with her fans, and they reciprocate.

Sophie Hinchcliffe, often known as Mrs Hinch, is so well-known that she has her own Facebook groups and pages.

Her followers frequently ask cleaning issues on these sites, and other page members respond with a wealth of hints and guidance.

One woman expressed a kitchen cleaning problem on one of these pages, which has over 100,000 members.

The woman shared a video of her kitchen sink, revealing the stains and filth on the stainless steel to other Mrs Hinch fans.

“I’ve tried mould spray, bleach, Dettol, and multi-purpose with a grout brush!!,” the cleaning enthusiast stated. It’s just not going to come out. Please assist!!”

Other Mrs Hinch fans, fortunately, had a wealth of responses to her inquiry.

Some cleaning aficionados advocated for the use of chemical cleaning solutions, while others advocated for the use of old-fashioned natural cleaning methods including common home items.

One of the most common suggestions on the group was to use baking soda and vinegar.

The addition of lemon to the baking soda and vinegar mixture was suggested by several Mrs Hinch admirers.

“I often use bicarb white vinegar, or a lemon sliced in half and it usually turns up a treat,” one individual stated.

“Baking soda and white vinegar mixed into a paste,” another suggested as an alternative to chemical remedies. Wipe over with a drop of baby oil once it’s clean. Please refrain from using black Harpic.”

Other cleaning enthusiasts suggested purchasing cleaning goods from a store.

Some suggested purchasing Barkeeper’s Friend, a £2.50 scouring powder available on Amazon.

“Barkeepers Friend,” one person simply stated.

Someone else concurred. “Use Barkeepers Friend, which can be found in any supermarket,” they said.

Other cleaning fans suggested utilizing more traditional means, such as a 2p coin.

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“I did mine with a two pence piece and Viakal spray,” one individual stated.

“Gently scratch it off with a 2p,” wrote another.

“Alcohol hand sanitizer and.”Brinkwire Summary News,” one Mrs Hinch admirer wrote.


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