Mrs Hinch fans share their’magic’ for removing limescale from ‘any surface’ without scrubbing.


Mrs Hinch fans share their’magic’ for removing limescale from ‘any surface’ with no scrubbing.

CLEANING fans have taken to social media to share their best limescale-removal tips.

One woman shared an 89p item that she claimed could be used on “any surface.”

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became famous on Instagram after sharing cleaning tips.

Fans of the sensation continue to share their own cleaning tips on dedicated social media pages, including how to remove limescale, even though the account is now more of a home and organizational account.

One woman asked for help removing limescale from the toilet on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page.

“I am a cleaner, and three houses on the same street have very hard water,” Nicola Wilkinson wrote.

What can I use now that it’s causing limescale and I’ve tried a variety of products?”

Limescale is a calcium carbonate buildup that is common in hard water areas.

It can be found in kettles, toilets, stainless steel taps, and shower heads.

Limescale can be an annoyance and difficult to remove, but Nicola was fortunate in that her group members suggested a variety of approaches for her to try.

“Use Viakal spray, spray a lot of it and leave it to work, it’s magic,” Vicki Cockrell said.

It has a foul odor, but it works wonders.”

“Viakal and a scourer,” Vicky Mccombe added, “but once it’s off, the product will prevent it from returning.”

“I love Viakal because it is a dedicated limescale cleaning product that is so cheap and works on absolutely any surface,” wrote Suzi Shelly.

Viakal aids in the removal of dirt and bacteria trapped in limescale as well as watermarks.

It can get rid of even the toughest limescale and is perfect for the bathroom.

Glass shower doors, kettles, and irons can all benefit from the product.

It’s a powerful product, so gloves should be worn when using it at home.

The cleaning product, which can be found for as little as £1 in stores like Bandamp;M, is Mrs Hinch’s personal favorite.

“I couldn’t recommend Viakal enough,” Shannon Mally said. “Let it sit on the limescale for 20 minutes.”

You won’t have to scrub it off and can simply wipe it away.

“Just keep trying if it doesn’t work the first time.”

Other members of the group suggested targeting the stubborn limescale with a 2p coin.

“Use a 2p coin on its own, it’s incredible,” Vicky Rayson suggested.

Natasha is her name.

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