Mrs. Hinch fans share how to make fluffy bath towels without using a tumble dryer.


Mrs Hinch fans share how to make fluffy bath towels without using a tumble dryer.

Fans of MRS HINCH have taken to social media to share their favorite non-tumble dryer towel drying methods.

Her tip was dubbed “cheap and versatile” by one cleaning enthusiast.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on Instagram after she began sharing cleaning tips and tricks as well as product recommendations.

Fans of the cleaning guru now frequently share their own tips on the internet, such as how to dry bath towels without using a tumble dryer.

One woman asked on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’ Facebook page if there was a way to make her towels fluffy again.

“I don’t have access to a tumble dryer at the moment, how do I get towels to dry soft and fluffy?” wrote Kirsty Mcdonnell.

“I can only hang out on the line or use radiators.”

Towels can be fluffy and absorbent when first used, but if used frequently, they will quickly lose this quality.

Members of the group responded with their best advice in the comments section.

“I prefer rougher towels because they dry faster,” Daniela Delfino said. “However, if you don’t have a tumble dryer, you can iron them with iron water after they’ve dried if you want them fluffy.”

“Dry them and then iron them,” Theresa Johnjnr advised.

I’d still use fabric softener because they’re quite stiff without it.

“Instead of fabric softener, white vinegar could be used.”

Vinegar’s acetic acid aids in the breakdown of excess detergent and build-up in towel fibers.

This reduces the absorbency of towels at first, allowing them to stay nice and fluffy.

“I add a capful of white vinegar to my wash, I don’t have a dryer, and my towels are super fluffy,” Alicia Davis wrote.

It’s incredibly inexpensive and versatile, and it can even assist in the cleaning of the washing machine.”

“I still use fabric softener, but I add some white vinegar to the drum itself, and it works like a charm,” Lorna Taylor said.

Also, make sure they’re being washed on a hot setting, but not too hot, as this may cause them to dry out.

“I’d hang them to dry on the radiator and then iron them once they’re completely dry.”

White vinegar can be used to clean a variety of surfaces in the home.

It’s a possibility.

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