Mrs Hinch fans share a ‘five-minute’ method for cleaning inside ovens.


Mrs Hinch fans share a ‘five-minute’ method for cleaning inside ovens.

OVEN CLEANING is a tedious process that even the most ardent cleaning enthusiasts despise. Now, a Mrs Hinch fan has provided a “five-minute” tip for making the work a little easier.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became famous after offering housekeeping ideas on the internet and on television. She now has over 4.1 million Instagram followers and has written multiple books. Her fans have gone to social media to form their own groups dedicated to sharing housekeeping tricks and suggestions.

Some of the groups have over 650,000 members and receive a large number of daily posts.

Today, one user posted a photo of her oven, which she was cleaning at the time.

“I adore cleaning, but this is the one thing I despise,” she wrote in the post.

Users commented on the post, noting that they, too, despise cleaning their ovens.

Some people, on the other hand, shared their own oven cleaning techniques.

One user claimed to have discovered a “five-minute” approach.

“Pink stuff and tinfoil – five minute job,” she explained.

She went on to describe how she cleaned the oven using tin foil.

She explained, “Just scrunch into a ball and dip it in the pink thing and scrub.”

“I finished mine last night in five minutes.

“Because the rails are more difficult, I use bags and liquid.”

“So you wipe the inside with a ball of tin foil as well?” another user inquired. For the rails, what kind of bags and liquid do you use?”

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“I put an oven pad on the bottom, so the inside is fairly clean,” she said.

“So tinfoil and Pink Stuff for the glass and any noticeable grime.

“Right now, I’m using elbow grease and will finish overnight. I’ll also unscrew the side bars.”

Other users claimed to have used tin foil, while others claimed to have used different items and procedures.

“Bicarbonate of soda, salt, and vinegar paste,” one user said.

“Amazing paste,” said another. “Everything simply makes it so easy.”

“Cif cream and scrunched up tin foil,” remarked another.

“Try some HG cleaner!” advised another cleaning aficionado. It’s awe-inspiring.”

“If it isn’t left as long between cleans, it isn’t a difficult task,” one individual said.

“It doesn’t take nearly as long. Also necessary are oven liners.”


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