Mrs Hinch fans share a 65p oven door solution that “works fantastically!”


Mrs Hinch fans share a 65p oven door solution that “works fantastically!”

A “brilliant” 65p technique for cleaning oven doors has been revealed by cleaning experts. Fans of Mrs Hinch believe that the product is only a few pence but does the job.

Sophie Hinchliffe, popularly known as Mrs Hinch, rose to fame as a cleaning expert after sharing her cleaning ideas and recommendations on social media and television. She now has over 4.1 million Instagram followers and hosts her own podcast. Mrs Hinch’s fans have taken to social media to form their own private groups dedicated to cleaning and organizing advice.

Each day, hundreds of tips are received by one of the groups, which has over 742,000 members.

Today, someone in the group inquired about how to clean their oven door.

“I’m going to open my oven door for the first time shortly (I don’t cook much),” they stated.

“Which oven cleaner is the best? Thanks.”

Many cleaning lovers suggested baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda, in response to the post, which drew nearly 100 comments.

“Bicarbonate of soda, a few pence, no harsh chemicals, and it works brilliantly!” one individual said.

“I got my oven door sparkling,” another person commented.

“I removed the middle section and scraped it off using a mixture made of bicarbonate of soda and dishwashing detergent.

“Rinse with water and dry…

“It was sparkling when it came out.”

“Oven Pride is fantastic for inside the oven, but don’t use it on your door,” a third user added.

“I’ve never tried it because it says not to.

“Rubbed over with bicarbonate of soda and Fairy, or bicarbonate of soda and water combined into a paste. Allow for a half-hour soak before scrubbing.”

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“I did mine the other day I used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda,” a fourth wrote.

“It was a great success. It turns into a paste, which it leaves for two hours before wiping away.”

For 65p, you can get a small tub of bicarbonate of soda at ASDA.

Larger tubs and sachets can be purchased for £1 at pound shops.

Mrs Hinch fans also recommended using Oven Pride, Pink Stuff paste, and dishwasher tablets.

“Oven Pride is excellent,” one user said. I remove the glass, place the oven doors in the bag, and set it aside overnight. Then simply rinse… It’s as simple as that.”

“I despise this job, but with Oven Pride.” Brinkwire Summary News, stated a second person.


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