Mrs Hinch fans offer their ‘ingenious’ cleaning tricks for streak-free glass.


Mrs Hinch fans offer their ‘ingenious’ cleaning tricks for streak-free glass.

HOUSEHOLD items ranging from tea to dishwashing solutions have been used by cleaning enthusiasts to produce streak-free mirrors and glass.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, gained to reputation as a cleaning expert after sharing innovative cleaning techniques on social media. Since then, her Instagram page has racked up over 4.1 million followers.

Fans have already formed their own social media groups to assist others in need of cleaning guidance and recommendations.

More than 120 people commented on a social media post requesting suggestions on how to clean mirrors and glass.

“I use water and a tiny bit of Fairy Liquid on a kitchen roll, then wipe with microfibre cloth,” one online user wrote on the group’s page. In my kitchen, I have a mirrored splashback that works perfectly.”

“Black tea…,” said a second person.

It’s strange, but it works – streak-free and, for some strange reason, keeps the dust at away for a little longer. This is how we do things at work.”

“I use Astonish glass and window spray and a towel, then buff away any streaks with a dry green minky glass cloth!” a third person said. It’s fantastic.”

“Cold tea in a spray bottle and newspaper,” said a fourth.

“Speed mop wipes with Karcher window vac… brilliant,” commented another.

“Mr muscle takes a minute and no stains – smells wonderful too,” one internet customer wrote.

“Vinegar water and fabric softener,” one individual suggested as a mix of two goods.

Another member of the group suggested that the group use a damp microfibre towel before using a dry one to avoid stains.

“Stardrops white vinegar spray and green minky M Cloth — excellent, from home bargains,” one online user stated.

Another person suggested cleaning the mirror and glass surfaces with vinegar and newspaper.

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Windolene spray, if you don’t have any on hand, a mixture of vinegar and water with newspaper – does the job nicely,” wrote one user.

“Dettol 3 in 1 disinfecting spray is undoubtedly the best,” said another.

Others recommended Method Glass Cleaner and TruWASH as cleaning chemicals.

“Water in a spray bottle and a glass cleaning cloth,” according to a simple tip posted on the group’s page.

Astonish shower spray, according to one internet user, can also be used for. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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