Mrs Hinch fans give their’magic’ ideas for removing stubborn stains from doors.


Mrs Hinch fans give their’magic’ ideas for removing stubborn stains from doors.

CANNY cleaning enthusiasts have offered a variety of excellent solutions for removing persistent markings from wooden doors, all of which have been tried and tested.

Mrs Hinch, whose true name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, is a cleaning celebrity with over 4.1 million Instagram followers. After sharing brilliant cleaning tricks on her Instagram feed, the cleaning sensation grew to stardom, assisting thousands of others.

Her devotees have started their own social media groups to share housekeeping tips on a daily basis.

One online user asked for help removing scuff marks from painted oak doors in a Facebook group with almost 630,000 members.

“I use Elbow Grease spray,” one individual said.

“We have comparable doors, I used Elbow Grease with a soft sponge, then merely wiped over with Elbow Grease on a piece of kitchen towel,” stated a second internet user who used the same product. To get inside all the ridges, use an old toothbrush. I brought them a gift.”

For £1, you can get Elbow Grease spray from Amazon.

“Fabric softener in warm water,” advised a third person.

A fourth suggested cleaning wooden doors with “hot soapy water.”

Baby wipes, according to multiple members, were an effective technique to remove any marks.

“Just a moist microfiber cloth,” another person said.

“Flash All Purpose Spray,” one person suggested. You can choose from a variety of scents.”

Another person advised squirting some Cif on a cloth and cleaning the doors with it.

“Usually diluted washing up liquid with a minky cloth,” says another.

Another online user stated, “I use soapy wood cleaning.”

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“You might try sugar soap,” another person suggested, “but I find that diluted zoflora and a microfibre cloth or anti-bac wipe – typically works wonders.”

“Warm cloth wrung out with Cif on it,” one online user offered.

“Hot water and fairy liquid,” suggested another.

One online user shared a successful solution, saying, “I use a magic eraser – works great, even got crayon off my white door.”

“I used to have similar doors, I gave them a coat of clear varnish to keep them cleaner and then just wiped them over with a damp towel to remove small scratches and dust,” one user wrote.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” one internet commenter suggested using vinegar spray.


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