Movies starring Tom Cruise have been postponed: Top Gun 2 Maverick and Mission: Impossible 7 have new release dates.


Movies starring Tom Cruise have been postponed: Top Gun 2 Maverick and Mission: Impossible 7 have new release dates.

Paramount Pictures has rescheduled the Tom Cruise films Top Gun 2 Maverick and Mission Impossible 7 for a new release date.

The James Bond film No Time To Die isn’t the only blockbuster of be postponed owing to the pandemic. While Daniel Craig’s 007 finale will remain in theaters on September 30 in the United Kingdom, Paramount Pictures has rescheduled two major Tom Cruise sequels. Top Gun 2, also known as Top Gun: Maverick, has been pushed back from November 19 to May 27, 2022.

However, Cruise’s other planned blockbuster Mission Impossible 7 has been pushed out to September 30, 2022, from its original May release date.

The spy film starring Ethan Hunt will be followed by Mission Impossible 8, which was originally scheduled to shoot concurrently with its predecessor.

Jackass Forever has also been pushed back from October 22, 2021 to February 4, 2022, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Concerns over the delta variation have apparently decreased cinema attendance, which is bad news for Hollywood’s most expensive films.

“Paramount, like other studios, often consults with epidemiologists on issues like this,” The Hollywood Reporter continued, “and the studio is hopeful that the box office will recoup in 2022, when these pictures are now due to open.”

Because Top Gun 2 has left November 19 free, Sony’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife has been pushed back a week to fill the void.

In a poll of the Top 40 movies Brits can’t wait to see in theaters, No Time To Die knocked out Top Gun: Maverick in May.

According to a poll of 2000 British adults conducted by, 56% felt that viewing a movie at home did not provide the same adrenaline rush as going to the movies. The complete Top 40 is as follows:

There is no time to die (September 30, 2021)

Maverick from Top Gun (May 27, 2022)

Mission: Impossible 7 is the seventh installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise (September 30, 2022)

Spider-Man: There’s No Way Back (December 17, 2021)

Widow Black (July 9, 2021)

The Matrix: Reloaded (December 24, 2021)

Fast & Furious 9 is the ninth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise (July 8, 2021)

The Suicide Squad is a group of people who commit suicide (July 30, 2021)

Afterlife of the Ghostbusters (November 19, 2021)

Part II of A Quiet Place (June 3, 2021)

Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage (September 15, 2021)

The King’s Gentleman (December 24, 2021)

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