‘Most important,’ says your Home Made Perfect architect, when it comes to renovating.


‘Most important,’ says your Home Made Perfect architect, when it comes to renovating.

THIS EVENING, BBC Two’s YOUR HOME MADE PERFECT returns to assist homeowners with their property difficulties. This website spoke with Julian Macintosh, the show’s newest architect, about the “most crucial” components of a refurbishment and where to invest your money in light of the new series.

The journey of Jacqueline and her 22-year-old son Jamie from East London will be followed in the opening episode of series three of Your Home Made Perfect. In their cramped two-bedroom London terrace, Jamie and Jacqueline are seeking for some privacy. Julian and colleague architect Lizzie Fraher, who will work hard to persuade Jacqueline and Jamie to accept their plan, take over management from the mother-and-son duo.

Julian, the newest architect for Your Home Made Perfect, spoke exclusively to this website about the new series.

Julian discussed the “most crucial item” that homeowners should focus on when upgrading a home.

He also talked about areas homeowners shouldn’t save money while doing a significant makeover.

“The most important thing is structure,” he remarked. It’s the item in the house that will endure the longest, so you don’t want to skimp on it.

“Check to see if your contractors are employing good solid block work or solid steel work.

“You want to make sure whatever system they’re employing is a good system for whatever they’re making your house out of.”

“When it comes to the things you don’t want to cut corners on…

Then there’s the structure and the windows.

“I believe that a well-designed kitchen and bathroom add value to a home.

“It’s something worth putting money into.”

Kitchens, according to the architect, are the heart of the home.

A nice kitchen may both financially and visually “improve” your home.

The bathroom is another area where homeowners should not cut corners.

Instead of focusing on “expensive taps” or fittings, Julian said that simply focusing on the basics may make a “huge difference.”

“When you get up, having a shower with a nice shower head and solid water pressure makes a huge difference,” he remarked.

“You’re rushing to go to work and all you want to do is get a good shower.”

“You rush out of the house after getting your breakfast from your wonderful kitchen.

“We want to make sure we spend the money on the activities we do every day.”

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