Morag from Married At First Sight erupts in rage after leaving Luke in tears, claiming that he isn’t manly enough.


Morag from Married At First Sight erupts in rage after leaving Luke in tears, claiming that he isn’t manly enough.

Viewers have accused Morag Crichton of encouraging “toxic masculinity” tendencies in her spouse, Luke Dawson, after she urged him he should be “more of a man” on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT UK.

Season six of Married At First Sight UK has returned to E4 with a bang. Fans were outraged after Morag, 31, requested that Luke, 36, be “more of a man” in Wednesday night’s episode.

Following the death of her father, Morag was looking for someone daring and fun-loving with whom she could commit to a relationship.

In the second season of Married At First Sight, the dating gurus matched her with Luke.

Morgan admitted she wasn’t initially drawn to Luke since he wasn’t manly enough as the couple headed out to Switzerland for their honeymoon to enjoy the mountain vistas.

Viewers couldn’t help but feel sorry for Luke when he became tearful after hearing his wife’s heartbreaking statements that she “didn’t want to pull his clothes off.”

GMB fans are distracted by Susanna Reid’s arrival.

Morag expressed her actual feelings for the firefighter as the two sat down for breakfast in their hotel room.

“So, we’ve got two days left in Switzerland,” the Welsh hunk inquired. Is there anything you’d like to do, learn about, talk about, or do?”

“I’m not sure,” Morag said. You remind me of the boy from the valleys, don’t you?

“All you’ve been is cheeky and humorous; I’m looking for something sexual.” How do you think I’ll like you if you’re just acting like one of my friends?”

She could tell Luke was offended, so she said, “I feel like you’re not treating me like your wife.”

“All I want is that you be a little more manly, a little more romantic.”

“I have a thing for you, I have a thing for you. You’re nice, but I’m looking for a guy rather than a boy.”

Luke tried to take Morag’s words in stride and try to make their honeymoon more romantic, so he planned a special meal for the two of them.

Piers Morgan is preparing to make a dramatic comeback after Ofcom ruled in Kate Garraway’s favor about Derek’s “devastating” condition.

‘He just shuts down,’ says the narrator. Susanna Reid makes a veiled dig at Meghan when it comes to Piers.

Morag expressed her gratitude for Luke’s nice effort, but admitted that his clothing style was still a “major turn-off” for her.

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